The owners of 300 commercial buildings with 12,333,000 square feet of floor area (equal to 77% of the entire St Paul central business district) agreed to join the Collaborative Network (CNet) waste removal service buying group.  We are now one of the largest buyers for this service in state and as a result have been able to negotiate prices that have collectively saved members over $4,645,507.

Note that most waste service contracts have 3 year initial terms and automatically renew for 3 more years unless the hauler receives a cancellation letter via certified mail at least 90 days, but not more than 180 days, before the renewal date.   They also have language that allows price increases at any time of virtually any amount.  Because of the size of our group, our contract is not auto-renewing and annual price increases are tied to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index for Solid Waste Collection.

If the deadline for mailing your contract cancellation letter is approaching, and you would like to see how much you could save, simply email the number, size and frequency of pickup of your trash and recycling dumpsters to rlambert@rclambert.comWe'll send you a detailed quote itemizing all your costs including taxes.  After you receive our price we'll ask for a copy of your most recent bill so that your existing haulers costs appear side-by-side with ours so that you'll have all the comparative cost information on one sheet.